Amnesty International blames police for bloody Shi’ites protest

Amnesty International Nigeria has blamed the police for the bloody Shi’ites clash that happened in the Federal Capital City Abuja yesterday July 22nd, 2019.

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shiitea 2

In a statement released by Seun Bakare, the programme manager at Amnesty International Nigeria, the body condemned the police for opening fire on ”unarmed” Shi’ites members.

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According to the statement, six persons were killed in the cross fire.

Read the statement below

“Eyewitnesses have told us that six people were shot dead amid a reckless use of lethal force by the Nigerian police against unarmed supporters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).

This new crackdown is part of a shocking pattern in which security forces have used live ammunition to disperse IMN supporters who are simply exercising their freedom of expression.

“Images of IMN supporters being driven from the streets of Abuja with gunfire demonstrates once again the Nigerian authorities’ resolve to use lethal force rather than the rule of law in addressing the grievances of the IMN.
“The Nigerian authorities must promptly investigate in an independent and impartial manner the police shootings and bring to justice all those suspected of criminal responsibility in fair trials. The police must exercise restraint at all times and use force only when strictly necessary’.


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