Air Force flies Tawau patient to Kota Kinabalu hospital

TAWAU: The Malaysian Royal Air Force (RMAF) conducted a welfare flight to transfer a patient needing urgent surgery from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu.


In a statement on Tuesday (July 23), the Air Force said that 42-year-old Roslan Marjan needed to be operated on urgently at the Hospital Queen Elizabeth 2 as he was suffering from a saccular anterior communicating artery aneurysm.

GoldenNews Now learnt that , Roslan was flown from the Tawau airport to the Kota Kinabalu airport using a RMAF S61A-4 Nuri helicopter at 9.25 am.

“The aircraft was operated by pilot Major Muhamad Rusli Wan Sulaiman. He was assisted by Captain Ahmad Hazman Jaafar and two crew members.

“They arrived safely at 10.45am and the patient was immediately brought to the hospital using an ambulance.

“The patient’s wife, father and two medical officers from Tawau hospital – a doctor and a nurse – also came along,” said RMAF in the statement.

The Air Force said it was committed to perform charitable acts such as this welfare flight, and added that it hoped the patient would recover after his operation.


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