Gunmen Attack University Of Ibadan Hostel, Injure Two

Two students staying at the Obafemi Awolowo Hall of the University of Ibadan have been injured following a robbery incident on the students’ hostel by some gunmen.

The armed robbers, according to some students, stormed the hostel robbing them of their valuables.

University of Ibadan_0

Golden News Now  gathered that the armed robbers raided the finalists’ block of the hostel over an hour.

According to report, Students of the hostel revealed that the local security personnel of the institution guarding the hostel was overpowered and was praying while the robbery was ongoing.

An angry student said, “If a door to door robbery happened for an hour, possessions being collected at gunpoint, and no student knew how to reach the security agency, there’s a terrible disconnect. I’m not sure if there’s only one security personnel at the time, but even if there was, should he not have been calling for reinforcement instead of praying?

“They come with wrappers and sleep instead of guarding the hostel. They are old and unarmed.”


Another student said, “This robbery is not just another “unfortunate” event. It is a result of negligence on the part of the authorities. Someone somewhere failed to do his/her job. They must be held responsible.”

It was gathered that the school management pleaded to the residents of the hostel not to reveal what happened on social media.

According to report gathered , “Some students came from outside to play a football match in the school stadium complex very close to the hostel.  The robbers might have gained access to the hostel through that way. Student attributed.

Another student attributed the attack to the lackadaisical attitude of the school management to the security of the students whose hostel is in a ‘porous part of the school’. school management know that where the hostel is not secured so they should always keep security men in the area,” the student said.

A student of another hostel also complained of being  robbed and  lamented that the school management is not concerned about the welfare of students, as robbers attack students at will.

Confirming the attack, the Director of Communication, University of Ibadan, Mr. Olatunji Oladejo, said injured students have been taken to the school clinic and investigation is ongoing.

“The Police from Ojoo, Bodija, Sango were called. They came and search for the robbers and investigation is on.”

Mr K.O Adebowale, Deputy Vice Chancellor (administration) visited the students and addressed the students assuring them of increased security around the hostel.

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