Women’s World Cup: Snoop Dogg lashes out at U.S. Soccer Federation for underpaying women footballers

Snoop Dogg went off on a rant on Instagram, as he joined the campaign for members of the U.S. Women’s National Team who won the Women’s World Cup on Sunday, to get paid like their male colleagues.

Centering his outburst on a report which revealed that the U.S. women’s soccer players only made $90,000 per player in bonus money for reaching the quarterfinals, while the men would have made $500k for reaching the same stage, the rapper also took a swipe at their male colleagues who according to him can’t move past the first round of any world competition but earn jumbo pay.


Snoop Dogg said on Instagram: The sorry-ass f***ing men from the U.S. soccer team, everyone’s s***, ain’t ever gonna win s***, can’t even get out the f***ing first round,’ Man, pay them ladies, man. ‘Pay them girls what they worth.’

It was further learnt that after the big win on Sunday over Netherlands, the US Women National Team will reportedly walk away with $260k per player, while the men would have banked $1.1 mil each.

Report has it that in a lawsuit filed in March, the U.S. women alleged that the U.S. Soccer Federation has continued to pay them less than the men ‘for substantially equal work.’ The lawsuit goes on to mention a discrepancy in training and travel conditions, as well as an inequality in promotion and development.

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