John Obi Mikel admits AFCON 2019 will be his last tournament for Nigeria

John Obi Mikel who is the captain of the Super Eagles of Nigeria has admitted that the AFCON 2019 will be his last tournament for his country.

John Obi Mikel  Presently sustain injury  and missed Nigeria’s last two games against Madagascar and Cameroon, but the the 32-year-old believes his presence will help his teammates.


Mikel Obi told BBC Sport : “Thirteen years I think is enough. I’ve won trophies, I’ve had a lot of amazing time. I think it’s time for these young guys to carry on. “I’m mostly here in Egypt to support the young guys and make sure they’re on the right track. I think my presence is always important for them, hopefully I can finish with the trophy “If we are able to win it here, I’ll be proud and they’ll be proud, then they can carry on from here,”  Meanwhile, Mikel Obi has played 89 games for the Super Eagles of Nigeria and also featured for the Super Eagles at the last two World Cup in Brazil and Russia.

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