Buhari’s 2nd term: Nigeria economy suffers hit over cabinet absence – International media

The delay of President Muhammadu Buhari in appointing his ministers after coming into office for his second term seen as bad for the nation’s economy as foreign investors reduce inputs.

Report has it that the absence of a cabinet in the present administration threatens the largest economy in Africa, saying the president’s delay is not new.

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The international media report that President Buhari took six months before he could constitute a cabinet in his first term in office in 2015, a delay that was said to have pushed the country into recession in 2016.

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According to the  international media some investors had thought that as the incumbent president, Buhari will move faster in naming his ministers. adding that  since the dissolution of the first term ministers in May 2019, senior civil servants who lack the authority have been running activities in government departments. That situation has slowed down processes as an unnamed big contraction said that “the process of payments is challenging and extremely time consuming..

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The media also said why Buhari has not given any reason for the delay, a source close to them said it may be because the president does not like relying on ministers


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