Senator Abbo seen physically assaulting woman in Abuja

Elisha Abbo, 41, senator representing Adamawa North senatorial district, on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been caught on camera physically assaulting a woman at an adult toy shop in Abuja.

Abbo,  the youngest senator in the country was said to be agitated by the sudden illness of one of the ladies, who was said to have accused the shop owner of poisoning the store’s air conditioner

The shop owner’s said  that if the air conditioner had been contaminated others in the shop would have also taken ill, in  anger Senator Abbo,  began to exchange words over the matter.

Senator Abbo was said to have called a policeman who he then ordered to arrest the shop owner.

The shop owner quickly called her father to inform him that Abbo had called the police over the matter and that she was about to be taken away.

The shop owner’s friend who had been standing nearby tried to intervene by pleading with the second man to take things easy but was slapped repeatedly by the lawmaker Abbo.

Senator Elisha in the video descended on the woman after she pleaded with him not to physically assault the shop owner whom the senator had accused of insulting him. He said the shop owner called him a drunk. The assault, whose video was published by Premium Times, reportedly occurred on May 11.

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