Kimora Lee’s ex-husband, Djimon Hounsou accuses the designer of keeping him away from their 10-year ols son, Kenzo

Report has it that Kimora Lee Simmons’ ex Djimon Hounsou has revealed that he hasn’t seen their son in quite some time, indicating trouble between the former couple.  

Furthermore, a recent interview with TMZ, Djimon Hounsou was asked how he spent his Father’s Day and he admitted that he hasn’t been able to contact his son, Kenzo, and “can’t recall” the last time he saw him.  

“It would have also been nice, if I couldn’t see him, to at least talk to him, right? Like all fathers, right?” he said.

When asked to specify how long it has been since he’s seen his 10-year-old, he reportedly flashed five fingers, but did not specify if his gesture represented weeks or months.  “I can’t even recall myself, how about that?” he said.

Kimora Lee

“Listen, bro, it’s no custody battle, I’m not in a lawyer’s office, am I?” Djimon said.  Though he did not speak ill of his ex during the exchange, when asked if he had any questions for her, he scoffed and closed his car door.  

Despite the fact that things appear to be strained between Hounsou and Simmons, he posted a photo of him and their son this past Sunday, captioned, “#happyFathersDay to all fathers #KLH.”


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