5 Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person

Do you have any exes partner who were so terrible to the extent that  you can’t stop wondering, why and you kept saying “What the hell was I thinking?” welcome to the club.

Furthermore If you’d like to know and make sure you’re with the Mr. or Ms. Right, watch out for these five (5) signs you’re dating the wrong person.

Man angrily speaking with woman [Credit: Getty]

  1. You feel like you have to wear a mask.

If you’re putting on a song-and-dance in an elaborate attempt to impress your partner, you might be dating the wrong person.

Your partner should love you as you are. Does it feel like they are trying to mold you into an entirely different person? If so, it might be time to let them go.

  1. They think the world is just all about them.

If it seems like your partner is more interested in how you fit into their world than they are with your individual needs, you might be dating the wrong person my dear.

If you feel you'd be better without your partner, then maybe you should not even be dating them [Credit: Shutterstock]

take it for instance even though you just went to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving last year, he gets upset when you suggest visiting your parents this year. Despite the fact that she knows you haven’t had a night out with the guys in over a month because work’s been so busy, she pitches a fit because you’re not spending time with her. If your partner’s words and actions scream, “ME-ME-ME,” you should find someone who appreciates your needs (and not only theirs).

  1. Your friends and family haven’t met them.

If you haven’t introduced your partner to your friends or family despite spending a decent amount of time together, you might be dating the wrong person.

Let’s just face it, shall we? There are only a few reasons why you wouldn’t introduce your partner to your friends or family, and none of them are pretty. If you’re so embarrassed by this person that you don’t want to invite them into your social circles, do everyone a favor and pull the plug.

  1. They don’t really listen to you.

If your partner is always waiting for their turn to speak, you might be dating the wrong person.

They always go off on tangents about their day at work, but never seem interested in yours. They always suggest where they’d like to go, but never seem to care what you think. If your partner does a whole lot of speaking (but never listens), you might want to find someone not so self-centered to share your life with.

  1. Hanging out with them drains you.

If spending time with your partner exhausts and it’s boring to you, you might be dating the wrong person.

sometimes the best of relationships include the occasional fight and bustle, but this should be the exception, not the norm. You should feel happy and alive with your partner, not sad and stuck.




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