Ghana receives completed 300 village satellite project

Report has it that the Chinese multinational media company, StarTimes has of, May 10th, 2019, handed over the completed ‘300 village satellite TV project’ to the Ghanaian government.

Furthermore, the project which was launched with the aid of the Chinese Government on September 26 2018, was aimed at providing free solar-powered digital TV receiving systems, decoders and projectors, as well as solar lights for 900 locations within 300 communities across the country.

According to report, at the handing over ceremony held at the Accra City hotel Friday May 10, the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Shi Ting Wang touching on the impact of the project said, “300 villages in Ghana were selected by the Ghanaian government where the satellite TV systems were to be installed. And each of these 300 Ghanaian villages is provided with two sets of solar projection TV systems, one set of digital TV integrated machine terminals and a batch of high definition set-top boxes.

George Andah Dep

More so he further emphasized that the project is ideally meant to strengthen the bilateral relations between the Chinese and Ghanaian governments.

Deputy Communications Minister, George Andah in his keynote address noted that, a total of 660 Ghanaians have been incorporated and given jobs and employable skills. Also, “over 400 ambassadors have been locally selected and trained by StarTimes to operate and maintain their equipment in these communities, to ensure the sustainability of this project.

With regards to the need for the project, Mr Andah said the project is targeted at government’s commitment to bridging the digital gap between rural and urban Ghana.

timely access to information is very important to the development of every facet of our society. Access to satellite television is considered one of the most efficient and effective means of disseminating information irrespective of the geographical location of people.

In a further development, the ministry of communication is implementing the Digital Ghana Agenda and ensuring that all the citizenry are part of this developmental journey of the country through access to information and subsequent participation in nation building.

For the future communication projects, Mr. Andah said the Ministry of Communication will continue to explore other avenues for access to information to remote areas through technology.

Further report has it that the ministry continues to explore creative and affordable means of making content available through technology and television

He further admonished beneficiaries of the project to take advantage of the positive outcomes of the project’s implementation.


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