Venezuelan security agents tow deputy congress leader to jail in his car

According to reports, the Venezuelan national Assembly Vice President Edger Zamrano has been reported arrested by the security forces as government egan going after foes tied to the failed attempt that stair up a  military uprising last week report says.

Further report has it that Vice president Zambrano, a key opposition figure of President Nicolás Maduro was leaving his Democratic Action Party’s headquarters when he was surprised by a commando unit from the feared SEBIN intelligence agency.

According to reports, the unit members surrounded his car and after about a half-hour later, the officers towed the vehicle away with the lawmaker still inside, at the same time that Maduro was speaking live on state TV and inaugurating an agricultural project.

Neighbors looking on were seen shouting, “Assassins!” as the heavily armed agents pulled away.


National Assembly Vice President Edgar Zambrano, arrested by Venezuela’s security forces

The arrest was the first following a fizzled uprising that started early on April 30 outside a Caracas airbase.

It was led by Juan Guaidó, head of the National Assembly, who is leading the U.S.-backed effort to end what he calls Maduro’s dictatorship.

Zambrano, 63, was one of the first opposition leaders to answer Guaido’s call for an insurrection, going to the bridge in Caracas where the opposition leader had appeared at dawn with a small cadre of soldiers ready to rebel against Maduro.

A lawyer by training, Zambrano is seen as a conciliatory figure within the opposition who is close to Henry Ramos, the former head of congress, who has been accused of taking part in an earlier alleged conspiracy to oust Maduro.

He took up his role as Guaido’s deputy as part of a power-sharing arrangement among the biggest parties.

Government officials had announced that Zambrano and eight other opposition lawmakers faced investigation on charges of “betraying the homeland” and “instigating an insurrection,” for their roles in last week’s unrest.



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